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All students learn differently

Building inclusive communities together

The goal of inclusive education is to create schools where everyone belongs.

By creating inclusive schools, we ensure that there’s a welcoming place in the community for everyone after their school years end. Students educated together have a greater understanding of difference and diversity. Students educated together have fewer fears about difference and disability. An inclusive school culture creates better long-term outcomes for all students.

Typical students who are educated alongside peers with developmental disabilities understand more about the ways that they’re all alike. These are the students who will be our children’s peer group and friends. These students hold the promise of creating inclusive communities in the future for all our children. These students will be the teachers, principals, doctors, lawyers, and parents who build communities where everyone belongs.

Integration ≠ Inclusion

Inclusion is not simply integration or “mainstreaming” of students who were once characterized as different or special compared to “the mainstream.” Inclusion removes systemic barriers that persist in legacy systems that were designed with a narrower understanding of who belonged in normal society. It reconfigures physical and social structures to welcome diversity (e.g. of abilities, culture, ethnicity and gender identity). Pending the removal of barriers, additional supports may be required to ensure that all individuals’ rights to access and inclusion are respected.

External #BackToSchool Resources

Five Moore Minutes with Shelley Moore

Shelley Moore is evolving the S.M.A.R.T goal writing strategy to align with more current understandings of curriculum, learning and assessment! Gone are the days where relying on behaviour as learning was our only strategy. Instead let’s look at IEPs as a way of capturing what students CAN do, what strengths they DO have, and how we can MOVE forward! All kids can learn! Let’s presume competence and look for evidence that captures learning in multiple ways!


Kristin Wiens: Reframe the Behaviour

Created by Kristin Wiens (@kwiens62). Kristin is the Special Education Curriculum Coordinator at School District 62 in Victoria, B.C.

“Reframe the Behaviour” Created by Kristin Wiens (@kwiens62). Kristin is the Special Education Curriculum Coordinator at School District 62 in Victoria, B.C.

#AllMeansAll #BackToSchool #Inclusion

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