Employment for all! MentorAbility connects the right people with the right supports, so everyone can work.

Diversity Makes Workplaces Stronger

MentorAbility connects Mentors (professionals) with Protégés (people with intellectual and developmental disabilities) for a full day or half-day to explore career opportunities. MentorAbility is a Canada-wide program, delivered by Inclusion BC in British Columbia. 

MentorAbility helps employers access a new talent pool, and develop new employee engagement and inclusion skills. Plus, you’ll boost creativity and innovation by bringing new perspectives to the workplace with inclusive teams.

Do You Want to be a Protégé?

Are you an adult or student with any kind of disability? Are you looking for a job in your community? Let’s match you with a Mentor who is doing the kind of work you are interested in! 

All you have to do is fill out the application below. After you send in your application, your local coordinator will work with you and find you a Mentor.

When you apply, you will also have to fill out a consent form to tell us if it’s okay or not okay to take your picture during your mentoring session. If you say it’s okay, we may use your picture in our media, like on our website or in our social media. We’ll also ask you to tell us about any accommodations you need so you can take part in MentorAbility.

Protégé Application


Become a Mentor

Any business professional can be a Mentor and help guide a talented, motivated person with a disability. This includes private businesses and corporations, public sector employers, and non-profit organizations. As a Mentor, you just need to commit to devoting one full day or one half-day to your workplace Protégé.

Mentor Application


Virtual Mentoring

Take location out of the equation. Virtual mentoring sessions open up even more opportunities for both Mentors and Protégés. 

Take a look at how virtual mentoring works:

Get in Touch with MentorAbility Coordinators

Meet with an Inclusion BC MentorAbility coordinator for a one-on-one, no-obligation information session. We’ll answer all of your questions about how the program works, and how it will benefit your business.

Employers are finding their workplaces, and bottom lines, are better off when they hire people of all abilities. Inclusive hiring leads to higher job satisfaction and employee loyalty, saving employers on the costs associated with high turnover and repeated recruitment. Jillian Bradley, Director of Employment

Discover the services, supports, and systems we can help you access

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