Family Leadership Series

Strengthen your advocacy, find more resources, and connect with other families.

Bringing Families Together to Connect, Learn, and Amplify Your Advocacy Efforts

Join us for our regional Family Leadership Series events! This is your time to connect with other families, and learn more ways to advocate for social inclusion, and the people you love.

Learn from event speakers, each other, and self advocates with lived experience. Families who have attended this series often find that one piece of information, that one tip, or that one resource they’ve been looking for that truly helps them support their family member live a full, inclusive life in their community.

Our guest speakers offer tools and resources to strengthen families in their advocacy efforts. The entire event is filled with opportunities to share knowledge, and build community support.


“I am a self advocate; I am also a mamma and a grandmama. At the event, I was able to talk about the problems I had when I was a kid and when I first got married and had our girls. I told the other parents that we self advocates can speak up for ourselves. I asked them to help us speak up but not to speak for us; listen to us, watch us. If they do that, they (the parents) will learn a lot. People need to hear more from self advocates and how they live their lives.” 

— Jo-Anne G, self advocate and past Family Leadership Series speaker


The Family Leadership Series is co-hosted by Inclusion BC and local organizations in the host region. So far, we’ve held Family Leadership Series events in Victoria, the Okanagan Valley, the Fraser Valley, the Coastal region, and the Lower Mainland.

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