What is MentorAbility?

MentorAbility is a national initiative which promotes the employment of people with disabilities in communities large and small throughout all Canadian provinces and territories. MentorAbility is spearheaded in British Columbia by Inclusion BC. We are focused on developing full or half-day mentoring experience in which job seekers with disabilities are matched with individual mentors – to explore career opportunities and what they need to get ahead in their desired field of interest.

Who Can Be a Mentor?

Any individual business leader who is interested in meeting a talented, motivated student or job seeker with disabilities is welcome to become a mentor. Mentors are working professionals with area businesses or organizations who can dedicate time during the mentoring day to meet and spend time with their protégé.

MentorAbility provides private businesses, non-profit organizations and public sector employers with an opportunity to:

  • help promote the employment of people with disabilities;
  • learn more about individual disability experiences;
  • recognize talent and potential;
  • develop lasting relationships with disability community leaders;
  • tap into a pool of potential future employees;
  • demonstrate community leadership,; and also
  • attract positive media attention.

Employers can get involved by encouraging employees and managers to serve as volunteer mentors.

Who Can Be a Protégé?

People with disabilities who are students or actively seeking employment are welcome to participate and become matched with a mentor who is working in your career area of interest. Proteges will submit an application to their local coordinator who will then work to facilitate a placement opportunity. People with any kind or level of disability are welcome – this is a cross-disability initiative. The only qualifier to participation is a strong and genuine desire to work in the community.


MentorAbility is a CASE national initiative

How Do You Get Involved?

Employers and people with disabilities in British Columbia are invited to contact Jillian Bradley, the Inclusion BC Co-director of Employment Initiatives, to discuss participation and the setting up of a MentorAbility mentoring day.

Business Mentors

If you are an employer looking to diversify your workforce and would like to learn more about MentorAbility — and about hiring people with disabilities — we would be pleased to organize a no-obligation meeting with you to talk about MentorAbility and how it can benefit your business. For more details, please see our Business Mentor Application.

Job Seekers and Protégés

If you have a disability, and you are a student or you are actively seeking employment, you are encouraged to apply to become a MentorAbility protégé and meet with a mentor who is working in your career area of interest. For more details, please see our Protégé Application.

Participating Organizations

Inclusion BC and is a member of Community of Accessible Employers.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about MentorAbility, please contact:

Tina Dam (Lower Mainland & Vancouver Island)

Sonali Kuber (Interior & North)

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