The goal of the #KidsCantWait campaign is to ensure that BC’s early intervention and early education systems are well-funded, readily accessible, personalized and anchored in policy and practice.

#KidsCantWait is bringing together individuals and organizations from across BC to advocate for a stronger system of supports and services for children with disabilities and their families.

Children and families in all areas of the province need timely, universal access to:

  • a core suite of early intervention therapies;
  • timely assessments;
  • family respite;
  • health, medical and in-home supports; and
  • access to child care and before/after-school programs, including for older children and youth with disabilities.

Why it’s important

When we strengthen and empower families and when we provide appropriate developmental services to children, the community benefits. Supportive and welcoming environments enable children, youth and adults with intellectual disabilities to grow, participate and belong.

As a country and as a society, we have a commitment and a responsibility to ensure the full enjoyment by children with disabilities of all human rights and fundamental freedoms on an equal basis with other children.

The full enjoyment of their rights is directly connected to having access to the services and supports needed in their day-to-day life and to the structures and systems that facilitate rather than obstruct the access.

A Call to Action

Here in B.C., thousands of children with disabilities are on waitlists for urgently-needed therapies, supports and services that support early development. Many children never get the supports they need, ageing out before supports become available. As community agencies struggle to serve more children with greater needs, services are delayed or diluted and in some cases not available in time.

What We’re Doing

In 2016, we launched a collaborative campaign with provincial partners to investigate the barriers facing children with disabilities and their families and advance solutions. Our key partners include:

In 2019, Inclusion BC secured a 3-year Vancouver Foundation grant that has allowed us to aim higher, broadening our work and partnerships to collaboratively drive long-term, transformative systemic change to achieve true inclusion in BC’s system of supports for children, youth and family caregivers.

Thank you to the Vancouver Foundation for funding this important initiative.

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