Every child has the right to an education and to have equitable access to it. However, many students with disabilities or who require additional support in BC are being denied this right.

Too many are not welcomed at their local schools, excluded from regular classes, sent home due to a lack of staffing or support or traumatized by restraint and seclusion.

Many families have been forced to leave the public education system altogether.

Through the #AllStudentsBelong campaign Inclusion BC answers the call of families who need our help as they advocate for their children to get a good education. We also work to change policies and systems so families don’t have to fight every year for their child to receive a quality education

February is Inclusive Education Month

Every February, people across Canada celebrate Inclusive Education Month by reflecting on the many ways we can do more to support every child’s learning in our schools.

Film Series – Disrupting Misconceptions and Forging Pathways for Students with Developmental Disabilities

Inclusion BC and the Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship (CIIC) partnered to create four short films to raise awareness about the exclusion of students with developmental disabilities and to offer key information and possible pathways to success for students, families, and schools.

We convened focus groups that included former students, families, educators, Indigenous people, professionals, and community organizations to co-create the vision for these films. Drawing on their lived experiences, participants shared stories and offered examples of the issues and the barriers they face, Through this process, we identified the main messages that these films convey to support educators and the community at large, to advance inclusive education.

These short films can be watched individually or all together as a series, we invite educators to watch them with their colleagues and with their students. We hope they will provoke meaningful discussions. Inclusion BC and the CIIC would love to hear the actions that these films have inspired you to take.

You can find more information on all of these films HERE

Film 1: Exercising Self Determination in our Schools

Film 2: Getting Ready to Work in our Schools

Film 3: Reframing Challenging Behaviour in our Schools

For this film, we hosted a webinar with the featured speakers.

Film 4: Indigeneity and Disability in our Schools

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