Every child has the right to an education. But many students with special needs in BC are being denied this right.

Too many are not welcomed at their local schools, excluded from regular classes, sent home due to a lack of staffing or support or traumatized by restraint and seclusion.

Many families have been forced to leave the public education system altogether.

Inclusion BC answers the call of families who need our help as they advocate for their children to get a good education. We also work to change policies and systems so families don’t have to fight every year for their child to receive a quality education

Why is inclusive education important?

As Canadians, we value our diverse communities. Children who learn together in welcoming, inclusive schools grow up to help build strong and diverse communities where we all belong.

Research shows that all students benefit from inclusive education. But many students are finding their needs unmet in BC’s public schools.

We envision an inclusive, publicly funded education system that welcomes and celebrates diversity, has appropriate resources to support all students and provides equitable access to lifelong learning.

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