Happy Community Inclusion Month! Every year in October Inclusion BC joins people from across the province in celebrating inclusion, diversity and the rights and contributions of people with intellectual disabilities. We’re happy you decided to celebrate with us!

“This is an opportunity to reflect on the meaning and importance of inclusion and how communities hold the key to making it happen,” says Inclusion BC’s Acting Executive Director Karla Verschoor. “We want to celebrate the gifts that people with intellectual disabilities bring to our communities and the strength that comes from valuing our diversity.”

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2018 theme: Accessibility Includes

Inclusion BC is celebrating “Accessibility Includes” as the 2018 theme of Community Inclusion Month. It is inspired by the proposed new Accessible Canada Act and BC’s plan to start consultations in coming months to shape made-in-BC accessibility legislation.

Throughout October, we will be talking about accessibility and what it means to people with intellectual disabilities.

Why we’re celebrating accessibility:

  • Accessibility is important because it means that everyone can live, work, play and share in their community, whatever their ability.
  • People with disabilities face accessibility barriers because many places, things and services don’t work for everyone in the community.
  • Accessibility barriers prevent people with disabilities from using and developing their many abilities.
  • Accessibility barriers also prevent people with disabilities from enjoying the same rights and benefits as others, which is a kind of discrimination.
  • We believe in inclusion, which means that everyone belongs, is valued and does not feel discrimination.
  • As British Columbians, we want to work together to remove barriers, end discrimination and provide supports to improve accessibility.
  • When we improve accessibility, we build more inclusive communities and everyone benefits.

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