Over the last several months, the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) and Ready, Willing & Able (RWA) have joined forces to champion inclusive employment and empower people with disabilities. RWA’s mission is to connect people to meaningful job opportunities. Through collaboration with various community partners, RWA introduced the PNE to a pool of talented candidates, emphasizing the unique skills and perspectives they bring to the table. Recognizing the immense potential of neurodiversity, the PNE eagerly welcomed six candidates into their team for their summer Playland positions.

This collaboration not only highlights the value of diversity but also showcases the PNE as an exceptional partner, delivering a smooth and accommodating recruitment experience for RWA. From the very beginning, communication with the PNE flowed effortlessly. The recruitment team displayed a genuine commitment to understanding RWA’s goals and values. They actively sought to learn about the benefits of neurodiversity and the importance of creating an inclusive work environment. They provided RWA with all the necessary information, resources, and support to identify the most suitable candidates for their summer Playland positions. This open dialogue laid the foundation for a strong and productive partnership.

PNE’s commitment to inclusivity was evident in their seamless integration of the RWA candidates. Each step of the recruitment process was characterized by a commitment to accessibility, fostering an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding. Their proactive efforts to understand and address the needs of each candidate has created a workplace where everyone can feel valued, respected, and empowered. By providing essential accommodations, support, and training, the PNE ensured that every candidate had the necessary tools and resources to actively participate and excel in each stage of the recruitment process. One notable example includes the integration of a step in the interview invitation process which invites candidates to request necessary accommodations ahead of time. This thoughtful approach provided RWA candidates with the flexibility to opt for one-on-one interviews instead of group settings, while also accommodating those who wished to bring their job coaches and support workers along. The PNE’s continued dedication to creating a level playing field for all employees, regardless of their abilities, fosters an environment where everyone can unleash their full potential and contribute their unique skills and perspectives.

This success story demonstrates that embracing diversity is not only the right thing to do but also produces remarkable results. We extend our sincere gratitude to the PNE for their continued support and partnership. Their partnership with RWA exemplifies the power of collaboration and paves the way for a more inclusive future. Together, we will continue to break down barriers, challenge perceptions, and create equal opportunities for everyone.

Inclusion BC works with RWA to advance inclusive employment in British Columbia as we advocate for the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by building awareness and advancing rights, responsibilities, and social action for inclusion.


Written by Jal Pranjal. Photos provided by the PNE

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  • Emphasizing – To show that something is very important or worth giving attention to
  • Neurodiversity – A term used to describe differences in the way people’s brains work.
  • Recruitment – The process of finding new people to join an organization.
  • Integration – To bring together
  • Accommodation – Any type of modification that ensures a person can fully participate in the workplace
  • Embracing – To accept or support an idea willingly and enthusiastically
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