Legislation was passed Tuesday to give Canadian adults, youths and children with disabilities a one-time benefit of $600 to help cover extra COVID19 costs. Inclusion BC is very pleased that all parties in Ottawa have responded to concerns about making eligibility for this benefit more inclusive. The new benefit will go to people who receive the Disability Tax Credit, CPP disability payments and/or supports from Veterans Affairs Canada.

Included in the new, revised disability benefit legislation:

  • 1-time federal $600 benefit
  • Expanded eligibility covers 1.7 million Canadians
  • 60 days to apply for Disability Tax Credit (DTC) if not already approved
  • No need to apply for the 1-time benefit if you already have the DTC, CPP or Veterans disability. You will receive it automatically in the coming weeks.

Read the Government News Release for more information.

In the media:
CTV: MPs pass bill to implement revamped wage subsidy, disability aid payment
CBC: House passes bill to extend and reform wage subsidy, introduce disability benefits

Applying for the Disability Tax Credit

If you or a loved one (adult or child) may be eligible for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) but have not applied, now is a good time to do so, as it opens eligibility for several disability supports, including the new COVID-19 payment.

Inclusion BC advocates can help connect you with community nonprofits who can guide you through the process. To reach an Inclusion BC advocate, email advocacy@inclusionbc.org.

The Federal government is giving applicants an expanded 60-day window to apply for the DTC if they also want to be eligible for the 1-time $600 federal COVID19 benefit.


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