COVID-19 Personal Emergency Plan: Self Advocate Leadership Network (SALN)

Self Advocate Leadership Network: COVID-19 Response

Self Advocate Leadership Network (SALN) is a provincial organization. SALN members are a collective voice of self-advocates in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. The majority of SALN members are part of provincial self-advocacy and advisory groups and so SALN is aware and interested in the BC self-advocate movement. SALN will support self advocates in B.C. by sharing the self advocate voice. SALN can provide regular content, including podcasts and video conversations around COVID-19. SALN is available to respond to questions about the self advocate perspective.

Key Messages for COVID-19 from SALN:

  1. It is critical that all resources and information are in plain language.
  2. There needs to be one place for self-advocate dedicated information. (SALN believes this should be CLBC and/or Inclusion BC.)
  3. Self advocates need more information about employment insurance, including the EI process and who qualifies.
  4. There is not enough income for some self-advocates to manage through this crisis.
  5. Everyone needs a COVID-19 Emergency plan.

Please download and complete your Personal COVID-19 Emergency Plan

For more info see: Self Advocate Leadership Network

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