British Columbians vote for a new government May 9. We asked the 3 main political parties how they would address key issues on inclusion and disability supports if elected.

BC Votes for a new government on Tuesday, May 9, with advance voting already started.

Read what the 3 major political parties say about inclusion and supporting people with disabilities.

Your Vote Matters!

You can help build a province where we all belong:

  1. Read the political parties’ positions on disability support & inclusion here.
  2. Share & discuss with friends, family & co-workers who support people with disabilities & inclusion.
  3. If you have questions or need help voting, visit I Am Voting.
  4. Vote on May 9 or in advance polls this weekend.

Read how BC Liberals, Greens & NDP answered our 2017 BC Election questions

Visit our BC Election 2017 Webpage for more info.

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