the successful project: a free webinar for self advocacy groups on Dec 3, 3030 to celebrate the international day of persons with disabilities

The Successful Project

A Free Webinar with the Self Advocates of Semiahmoo (SAS)

November 13, 2020, 10:00AM – 11:30AM (PST)

*This event will have live captioning*

Learn how to host fun events that get everyone engaged! In this fun and engaging webinar you will learn about fundraising, community development, and creating successful projects.

SAS members Krista and Michaela will share with you two of their favourite annual events: The New to You Clothing Sale and their Canada Day Celebrations at White Rock Beach.

SAS will share with you a special checklist that will help you plan, carry out and review projects. It is called the The Successful Project Checklist. During this presentation we also need you! We will be asking questions throughout the presentation. We want to hear what you do in your self-advocacy groups and day programs.

There will also be a live chat and 30 minutes at the end to ask questions to the presenters.

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The Self Advocates of Semiahmoo make change through positive relationships. They are people who are focused on creating a better world for themselves and others, with and without disabilities. SAS has been able to do many different projects that have made them successful in their community and the disability sector.

About the Presenters:

Michaela Robinson

Michaela is one of the most active people you will meet. She has a packed schedule with multiple jobs, volunteer roles, and advocacy work. She is well known in the South Surrey and White Rock Community for many reasons, including flying to Ottawa to work on the Canadian Accessibility Act. She is also proud to have contributed as part of SAS to the all abilities playground, Generations Playground, in White Rock. Michaela cares about staying connected to people in her life and makes sure to have time for you.

Krista Milne

Krista is passionate about her community. She has worked with children and seniors in South Surrey and White Rock. Krista is a main presenter for the SAS Equally Empowered presentation where she speaks to students K to University. As part of XBA dance studio, Krista learns new techniques and works on strengthening her muscles for her other activities in Special Olympics. She is someone who cares about work life balance and makes sure she has time to relax and spend time with her family and friends.

Jillian Glennie

As an Involvement Coordinator for SAS, Jillian Glennie looked at how the organization could make the best impact from the work they do. Jillian is focused on supporting people to have more opportunities and creating a community where all thrive. She loves to be in nature with her family and will often have new adventures on the weekend. Jillian is proud to have supported SAS in creating a unique style to candidate meetings that focuses on what people plan to do and staying positive.

Thank you to our sponsors!

Thank you to the Province of BC, the Public Guardian and Trustee of BC and BC CEO Network for Sponsoring our Virtual Learning Series.

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