Photo (left to right): Fiona Whittington-Walsh, Bendina Miller, Angela Bond, Courtney Fraser, Kya Bezanson, Michael McLellan, Hilary Fraser, Annette Delaplace, Cyndi Gerlach. Missing from photo: Ellen Tarshis and Jonathan Down.

Inclusion BC is proud to present our 2019/2020 Board of Directors!

The Inclusion BC Federation voted to elect five individuals by acclamation to the Inclusion BC Board of Directors at our AGM on May 24, 2019:

  • Angela Bond (Region 4)
  • Michael McLellan (Region 1)
  • Kya Bezanson (Region 2)
  • Annette Delaplace (Region 2)
  • Hilary Thomson (Region 2)

Courtney Fraser and Ellen Tarshis also joined the Board of Directors as appointments. Read more about our current Board of Directors.

Inclusion BC gives a huge thanks to leaving board members Jackie Carpenter, Neil Belanger and Greg Hill.

More about the Board

Inclusion BC’s Board of Directors represent four BC regions. It is made up of the President and 11 directors (eight who are elected by the membership and three who are appointed by the Board and the Executive Directors’ Network). At least two of the elected Directors must be self advocates and two of the elected Directors must be family members of a person with an intellectual disability.