Mildred DeHaan – 100 years
Mildred DeHann, Photo from Spectrum Society

“And now it is your job to spread the word – I’m handing you the torch.”

Mildred DeHaan, one of B.C.’s early leaders of the community living movement, passed away this week at the age of 100. As a mother, activist and community leader, Mildred helped shape the changes that transformed the way society support and encourages people with disabilities. We are forever thankful to her.

“Mildred DeHaan was a champion for change who helped create the community living movement in B.C. Mildred changed the system by insisting that we focus on each individual’s needs and that we respect and honour each person’s right to live in the community.” Karla Verschoor, Executive Director, Inclusion BC

“Mildred was a big influence on myself and many others… Her inherent goodness and quiet leadership were exemplary and I am very grateful to have known her.” Dr. Michael Kendrick

“Mildred was an icon in our sector. Her deep roots and contributions to the Community Living movement will be remembered by many.” Janice Barr, Chief Executive Officer, Community Living Society

“Mildred had been a great mentor to us, one of the first leaders in our field that we met and someone who always made herself available to help and always spoke the truth.” Susan Stanfield, Ernie Baatz, and Aaron Johannes, Spectrum Society for Community Living 

“And now it is your job to spread the word – I’m handing you the torch.” Mildred DeHaan


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