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Watch our 60th Anniversary video that honours and remembers the civil rights history of people with developmental disabilities in BC. Read more about our history here.

BC Election 2017 - Supports to Children and Families

Our Vision

Supporting children and families is an integral part of our community culture. Supports are well-funded, readily accessible, personalized, family-driven and anchored in good policy and practice.

Why it’s important

When we strengthen and empower families with child- and family-centred supports for healthy development, the whole community benefits. Supportive, welcoming environments provide children and youth with special needs opportunities to grow, participate and belong. But in BC, an estimated 5,000 preschoolers with special needs are on waitlists for urgently-needed therapies and services that support early development. Many children never get the supports they need, aging out before supports become available. As community agencies struggle to serve more children with greater needs, services are delayed or diluted and in some cases not available in time.

What we need

IMMEDIATE FINANCIAL INVESTMENT: BC needs to invest $15 million immediately, with further increases over the next two years, to end the current policy of rationing Early Childhood Intervention services. Ending the waitlists will allow all BC children to achieve their potential and avoid a lifetime of unnecessary hardship, eliminating significant long-term costs to society.

COMMITMENT TO RESOLVE SYSTEMIC CHALLENGES: Inclusion BC has worked with families, community agencies and provincial partners to identify the systemic challenges and solutions needed to improve early childhood intervention services. We need the BC government to commit to working with families and service providers on systemic solutions that empower families and communities to support all children and youth to achieve their potential.       

Question to candidates               

If elected, will you support an immediate provincial investment to end waitlists for early intervention therapies and supports for all children and youth with special needs and their families?             

If elected, will you support a provincial commitment to deliver on the promise of early childhood intervention by working with families and service providers to resolve the systemic challenges identified by Inclusion BC and its partners?



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