Missy D

Missy D portrait

Missy D

Throughout the course of her musical career, Missy D has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life rapping in both French and English. From the Motherland to Vancouver, she is now performing at a variety of venues all the while recording new singles with Laydy Jams and various local talents.  

Missy D has earned the admiration and affection of countless fam, serving as both inspiration and sister to fellow dreamers. With a debut album entitled “When Music Hits You Feel No Pain” under her belt, Missy D was one of Storyhive Music Video Edition 2017 winners for her song “XX” featuring Kimmortal. 

This femcee continues to make noise for the people most recently as a 2018 SXSW Official Artist, Vancouver Jazz Festival and for the 2018 Juno Fest performing with the likes of Maestro Fresh Wes, Jully Black, Nomadic Massive, Sons of Kemet, Mr.Eazi… 

Inspired by MC Solaar, Diams, Erykah Badu, Missy Elliott and Lauryn Hill… Missy D’s Rap & Soul will have you catching too many feelings as she embraces diversity in instrumentals, music, and most of all people!  Her new EP entitled Yes Mama was released on March 20, 2020  available on all platforms. 


Banging Rocks

Daniel Lindenberger portrait

Daniel Lindenberger



Daniel Lindenberger founded Banging Rocks to leverage emerging technologies for good. With a vision to be right at the heart of a growing community dedicated to make the world a better place for all, he brings a focus on people, possibilities and genuine engagement.   
To this end he weaves together his backgrounds in community building, gameful design, philosophy and VR development to build diverse teams around innovative XR projects. His work is shaped by his belief in individual and collective empowerment, and the importance of playful engagement with the world’s biggest challenges. 

The Brick

Chantelle Painter Portrait

Chantelle Painter



HR Recruitment and Engagement Manager (National) for The Brick, Chantelle has been there for 20 years and had the privilege of leading a career consisting of 16 different jobs in retail, distribution, and Human Resources.  At the core of everything they do are two objectives: to affect positive change and build relationships.  “It is a pleasure to work for an organization that believes in diversity, inclusion, equity and allows my team to be present in the community, ensuring we are actively learning each day from our potential team members.” – Chantelle Painter

BC Transit


Adam Bishop portrait

Adam Bishop



Adam currently works as a Senior Strategic Talent Acquisition Specialist and has the pleasure of leading BC Transit’s Strategic Talent Team.

His goal is to empower his team in developing strategies aimed at recruiting and retaining top talent for BC Transit’s current needs and future goals. The aim is to bring the right people into the right roles in order to provide fulfilling career opportunities for our team. This allows us to more effectively deliver transportation solutions that the people of British Columbia can rely on.

As an HR Professional with over 10 years of experience in large unionized organizations, he has deep experience and interest in Recruitment and Retention, Labour & Employee Relations, Disability Case Management, Occupational Health and Safety, and Violence Prevention.

As someone born with Cerebral Palsy and a former high-performance para-athlete, Adam’s personal mission is to continue breaking down employment barriers for people with disabilities.”


Kya Bezanson portrait

Kya Bezanson

I am on the board of Inclusion BC and co-chair the self-advocates committee. I am learning to be a dog groomer and adore my 3 dogs mostly Denver (in picture). I just graduated from KPU with a Faculty of Arts Certificate. I love learning and making a difference for future generations or even this generation. School and family are really important to me.

Anju Miller portrait

Anju Miller



I am a faculty of arts student of KPU who is pursuing becoming a creative writing major, so I can start on my book ideas. I have been working at Toys R Us for 7 years while helping out Inclusion B.C as a self-advocate for people with disabilities and LGBTQ+ rights. But as a side “job” for myself, I am a doll collector who likes to fix dolls and a Character Creator of 200+ people.

Steps Forward

Jenna Proudlove portrait

Jenna Proudlove

My name is Jenna Proudlove. When I was six months old I was diagnosed with CP, now I’m thirty-five. In approximately the year 2000 my Mom, along with other community members created “Steps Forward” a British Columbia association working with B.C. Universities to place individuals with developmental disabilities in regular University programs. I have an Honorary Certificate of Social Work after completing 5 years at the University of Victoria. My Mom’s determination for me to lead a typical life led me to University and ultimately now – as I have been an advocate since the age of 10. When I was 17, I created a program called VOCYL, a youth leadership group formed to educate the community on how to integrate people with special abilities alongside typical people. My Mom was my greatest advocate which inspired me to become one as well. In order to do this, I felt I needed to get an education. So, having an education opened doors for me to be a teacher and speaker and mentor so others like me would see their worth and their power to be “overcomers” like me.

Lauren Matthews portrait

Lauren Matthews

Lauren Matthews is the Director of BC Inclusive Post-Secondary Education and overseas coordination between campuses, staff learning, professional development, and the day-to-day safeguarding of best practices in supporting students to get the most out of their post-secondary education. Her work includes collaborations with family groups, local school districts, and applicants interested in pursuing their post-secondary education with support from STEPS Forward. Lauren collaborates and coordinates with provincial, federal, and international movements and professional associations in implementing and promoting a better understanding of inclusion on campuses. Previous to her role as Director of Inclusive Post-Secondary, Lauren was STEPS Forward Provincial Campus Coordinator, and Senior Inclusion Facilitator at Simon Fraser University.

Marta Carlucci portrait

Marta Carlucci

Marta Carlucci is an Inclusion Liaison working on a STEPS Forward initiated project with the support of the Vancouver Foundation to scale the impact of inclusive post-secondary education beyond campus communities. As a family member herself Marta knows the value of empowering families and community members to further break down barriers to equitable lifelong inclusion for people with developmental disabilities. Marta has worked as Program Advisor for the Advocate for Service Quality, a Family Support and Volunteer Engagement Coordinator at The Family Support Institute, a Facilitator and is a Partner at Hive & House Consulting. Marta holds a degree in Community Rehabilitation from the University of Calgary.


Colton Sterling-Moses portrait

Colton Sterling-Moses

Colton Sterling-Moses is a young Indigenous man from the N’lakapmux and Syilx people in Merritt, BC. Colton is a pow-wow dancer, a traditional hand-drummer and a knowledge keeper for his Nations. He is a role-model and an advocate for Indigenous people and youth with disabilities.

Colton works hard to keep his culture, language and traditions alive! He currently works part-time as a Cultural Support Worker with Feel the Beat and serves as a Self-Advocate for the Transitioning Youth with Disabilities to Employment (TYDE) Project.

Jose Figueroa portrait

Jose Figueroa

I completed high school in 2016. In 2017, I spent a year at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in the APPD program. I am currently working at the Langley School Board Office.

Hello, my name is Jose Figueroa. I currently live at home with my Mom, my Aunt and my two younger sisters in Langley. My favorite things to do in my spare time is drawing and playing computer games. I was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4 and have received support from people around my life including my family. I am currently working at the Langley School Board Office. My duties include cleaning the copy rooms, mailroom, and the glass windows. I have always enjoyed working. My first paid job was at Cadenza Controls through Youth Works, Inclusion Langley Society. One of the duties at Cadenza Controls was to assemble the circuit boards by placing parts in specific places. My second paid job was at Tim Hortons in Langley which started as a work experience while attending the APPD program. Duties at Tim Hortons includes going around the dining area to clean up tables, disposing garbage and washing the dishes. I’ve previously worked at Wendell’s True Foods from August 2017 until November 2017. My main duty was to assemble cardboard boxes so that the food can be stored in them, ready to be shipped to different stores. Sometimes I went to the warehouse to pick up shipping supplies such as cardboard boxes, pallets and the pallet wrapper.

Shameera Rosal portrait

Shameera Rosal

Shameera is twenty-three years old. She just finished her fourth year in the Steps Forward Program at UBCO and she is looking forward to her fifth and final year this coming fall.

In 2018, Shameera trained for and participated in the Special Olympics National Games which were held in Antigonish Nova Scotia. She won a Silver and three personal bests! This year, she was hoping to qualify for the Special Olympics Provincial Games but due to Covid 19, all Special Olympic sports are on hold. She continues to be active in the community: pursing art attending both Cool Arts in Kelowna and the Creative Room in Lake Country. This past year Shameera said good bye to the wonderful folks at the DQ in Lake Country. She began a new part time position at Any Time Fitness, a local gym. She combines working out and employment three days a week. Shameera is very excited by this new opportunity. Shameera also looks forward to the weekly dances at Parkinson Rec. and hanging out with friends.


Aidan Leon Schmidt portrait

Aidan Leon Schmidt

My name is Aidan Leon Schmidt, I am a 17-year-old student attending St John Brebeuf regional secondary school, and I am currently trying to find a job for my future. Some of my current hobbies are playing Nintendo video games, with trying to extend to games on the Sony “PlayStation”, I also enjoy AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” and I also started a recent hobby of collecting “Transformers”, though the latter of the three is currently slow. I have also been part of the “Royal Canadian Air Cadets” since late 2015, and I have remained part of the organization ever since, I also have ascended to a higher rank than when I started, as I currently rank in a Sgt position, with my duties consisting of showing a good example to other cadets, and help out others when needed.

I would like a job position, as it will help me prepare for my future, helping me save enough funds to pay for a college tuition, so that I can hopefully reach an accountant course, and get a degree in accounting, and I also would enjoy a position so that I would be able to purchase items that I desire such as the “PlayStation 5,” or even regular purchase, such as food or clothing. A job position would benefit me greatly, as it can also give me skills that I would be able to use outside of the working environment, and teach me important life lessons for my life, the IMPACT program was a help with my pursuit with a job, and I hope that it can also help others achieve their goals as it has begun to help me.

Jamie Beattie potrait

Jamie Beattie 

Hello, my name is Jamie Beattie and I am 19 years old and I am autistic. My hobbies include attending hockey games and playing hockey at home. I also attend football and soccer games. I also enjoy bowling and spending time at the movies. I love going on the sky-train and often go to the airport to watch planes take off and land. I also like to go to waterfront station and take the sea-bus to North Vancouver and I often have lunch at McDonalds where I order a 10-nugget meal deal. I recently graduated high school from Frank Hurt Secondary. I enjoy volunteering at Quest where I stock shelves and help customers. I plan to go to college and take some courses in food service industry as I enjoy cooking meals. I love pets and have a cat named “Mischief”. I love spending time with my family and playing games together. I look forward to my future as I believe I can achieve anything I decide and put the hard work in and never give up. I love traveling and have been to many countries all over the world and often go to my other home in the Philippines. I look forward to having the world back to normal prior to Covid as I miss going to my sporting events and travelling and not having to always wear a mask everywhere. I hope the vaccines will work and cure everyone and nobody else has to get sick or die as this makes me very sad. I can’t wait for everyone to be healthy and where the world is once again a safe place to explore and travel. Thank-You.

Jamie Beattie.

Amardeep portrait


My name is Amardeep, I like to type on the computer on my free time, another thing I like doing is watch TV. I would also prefer doing something than doing nothing.