Community Inclusion Month
October, 2019

BECAUSE “inclusion” means welcoming everyone in ways that respect and celebrate diversity, and ensuring that differences aren’t barriers to full engagement and participation, and

BECAUSE inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities lets us all use our gifts, talents and abilities to build a stronger British Columbia together, and

BECAUSE Article 27 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities gives persons with disabilities the right to earn a living through freely chosen work in a labour market that is open, accessible and inclusive, and

BECAUSE the Canadian Human Rights Act promotes equality of opportunity and protects people with disabilities from discrimination, and

BECAUSE the Accessible Canada Act states that persons with disabilities must have access to employment opportunities and accessible workplaces, and

BECAUSE the BC government is committed to working with the disability and business communities to help create opportunities for meaningful employment for people with disabilities, and

BECAUSE inclusion of employees with intellectual disabilities in our workforce demonstrates the value diversity for our economy and communities, and

BECAUSE the United Nations have declared the theme of this year’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities as “The Future is Accessible”, and

BECAUSE in October, BC communities are celebrating inclusion, diversity and the strengths and abilities of people with intellectual disabilities, and

BECAUSE the theme for Community Inclusion Month is: “The Future is Accessible”

WE ANNOUNCE that October 2019 is

“Community Inclusion Month”

in the Province of British Columbia.