About Inspired by Love

This year’s theme, Inspired by Love, celebrates the human bonds that forge our sense of shared community, the power of compassion and of sharing our own vulnerabilities. When we work together to advance real inclusion, everything we do is inspired by love.

Join us for four days including a pre-conference day on inclusive education, disability pride celebration, presentations, conversations and social events that will inspire new ideas and action to build a deeper understanding of inclusion built on a foundation of love, respect and human connections.




Inclusion BC is committed to providing a green and sustainable meeting environment, as we are Inspired by Love of our planet.

This year there will be no giveaway gift bags filled with papers and disposable items.

Conference materials and speaker handouts will be posted online where available instead of printing.

The event venue, the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel has received the 4 Key Green Key Rating from the Hotel Association of Canada.  This award is given to a hotel that has shown national industry leadership and commitment to protecting the environment through wide ranging policies and practices. Check out their initiatives at http://www.sheratonvancouverairport.com/green-hotel

  • We will be working with the hotel to ensure our meeting includes reducing waste and saving energy.
  • The conference program is printed on eco-friendly paper.
  • We are working with all our suppliers to share our message of an ecologically and socially responsible event.
  • We have dedicated a workshop (Rethink. Reuse.) to learning about the positive environmental impact of recycling and reusing our previously loved clothing


Try carpooling, a shuttle from the airport or public transportation to get to the event.

Meeting spaces have recycle bins, please use them!

Make a green choice upon check-in Enjoy a $5 voucher at participating food and beverage outlets or 500 Starpoints® awarded at check-out for each night you decline housekeeping (except day of departure). http://www.sheratonvancouverairport.com/make-a-green-choice


Flying to Richmond? Carbonzero and WestJet have teamed up to provide guests the ability to help reduce the effects of climate change by purchasing carbon-offset credits when they travel. Guests wishing to purchase credits can calculate the impact of their flight before pledging. https://www.westjet.com/en-ca/about-us/caring-environment