Kate Gibbs lives in the beautiful and friendly, small community of Invermere, British Columbia. Kate believes strongly in inclusion for all, and will do anything she can to help make that a reality.

She believes in strong, quiet and kind advocacy, and that inclusion works when we all come together and lift each other up. Kate has worked with many organizations that advocate for people with diverse abilities.

She takes part in Invermere’s local Special Olympic program, and was the first adaptive skier with Panorama Adaptive Snow Sports. She has co-authored a children’s book, worked as a reporter and a torch bearer for the 2010 Vancouver Paralympics, and spoke at the Ottawa Senate Chamber on the National day of the Child, advertising technology that can be used by people with diverse abilities.

Kate is passionate about bringing awareness to the gifts that people with diverse abilities bring to our communities and to the world.

Watch this video to hear Katie’s story

woman with long dark brown hair and large brown glasses in a wheelchair giving a thumbs up while smiling