Dr. Fiona Whittington-Walsh is a faculty member in the department of Sociology at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

In addition to teaching disability issues in all of her courses, her areas of research include women and beauty, popular culture and film, social inequality, and community/academic research partnerships. Her current research is examining the complete history of disability representation in film starting with how Hollywood films portray people with intellectual/developmental disabilities/differences.

Fiona has a long history working in the community both in B.C. and in Ontario. Starting out working in a segregated school and group home for children and young adults with developmental disabilities, she eventually became involved in the inclusion movement of mainstreaming children into their neighbourhood schools in North Vancouver. Inclusion forms the foundation of her professional and personal philosophy.

All aspects of her work involve collaboration with community.

Dr. Whittington-Walsh is also on the Board of Directors of Inclusion Canada and IRIS.