Individual Leadership Opportunities

Inclusion BC has funding available to support individuals to participate in conferences and other events that promote leadership on community inclusion. In order to support the maximum number of people, we ask that you identify the least expensive options for transportation and conference registration.

We do our best to accommodate as many people as possible, but we do have a limited amount of funding and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. This application will be closed when all funds have been allocated.

Scholarship Application Form

  • About the Event
  • Funds Requested

    Please enter the amount of funds you're requesting for each item.

    We encourage all applicants to use Early Bird registration fees for conferences and the least expensive travel arrangements.

    The following daily limits apply to funding:

    Breakfast: $8.25

    Lunch: $11.00

    Dinner: $18.00

    Total per day: $37.25

  • Note: mileage rate: 43 cents/km
  • Sharing the Learning Inclusion BC requires that you submit a one-page report, photos or recording sharing what you learned or experienced in this event.
  • (Please list at least 3 individuals or organizations)