Creating a World

Where Everyone Belongs

The Inclusion BC Advocacy Team responded to six hundred and thirty-two calls for support last year. That’s 632 people — children, self-advocates, and the families who support them — who were struggling… Struggling to get the inclusive support they need to attend schools, get jobs, and live in the community.

We’re here to answer the call when people need help. And we’re asking you to support Inclusion BC by giving a year-end, tax-deductible donation.

“I love Inclusion BC. They help everyone live together. I like that. Please give
Teresa Pocock, self-advocate and Inclusion BC member

We have made huge strides forward as one-on-one advocates and as campaigners for systemic change. This year we helped get increased funding for families supporting children with complex needs. We campaigned for inclusive education, and we are continuing our work to end the use of restraints, seclusion and exclusion in our schools.

We are also helping people with intellectual disabilities get meaningful and financially rewarding jobs. Our Ready, Willing & Able and MentorAbility programs are connecting people with real opportunities and collaborative employers. In fact, our inclusive employment programs helped 318 job candidates with intellectual disabilities and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder find work last year!

However, there is so much more that we need to do. Adults with intellectual disabilities are overrepresented in homeless shelters and twice as likely to live in poverty. We are addressing the housing crisis for people with disabilities by working with our community partners and government ministries to create truly inclusive communities.

With your gift of a one-time donation — or a monthly pledge — we can all stand together and create a world where everyone belongs.


Karla Verschoor, Executive Director
Inclusion BC

Please Donate…

“When my family was in crisis, Inclusion BC helped us stand up for our rights. My parents had passed away and I needed help getting community support for my brother. The Inclusion BC Advocacy Team helped guide us through the system and gave me the tools and confidence I needed. Thank you!” ~ Audrey Deutschmann, Sibling

“When I donate to Inclusion BC I know I am making an impact. Each gift I give goes directly to the programs that help families when the need it most.” ~ Jackie Carpenter

Thank you for supporting Inclusion BC.