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Opening Doors to Work - Jordyn's employment success story

The following letter from Faith Bodnar to prospective Inclusion BC donors tells the story of Jordyn McGregor, showing the importance of supporting our Ready, Willing and Able employment campaign to help youth like Jordyn fulfill their dreams by entering the workforce.

Remember that feeling you had when you graduated from high school and you were suddenly an adult—expected to get a job and make your way in the world?  That feeling was somewhere between dread and exhilaration?

Well, this year, 500 young British Columbians are going to experience that same feeling. And so are their parents.

I’m talking about the Class of 2013—500 young people, each with a developmental disability, who are transitioning from high school into the job market. For these young people and their families, the changes and challenges will be many.

And that’s why I’m writing you today.

Like you, I imagine an exciting future for them, one that includes the richness of inclusion and the dignity that comes from having a real job.

I want British Columbia to have the highest rate of employment in North America for people with a developmental disability. And I need your help today to make that dream a reality.

Let me introduce to you our exciting new campaign called, “Ready, Willing & ABLE.” It is built around strategic partnerships, community leadership and hard work. It will change workplaces in a profound way—and the legacy of our work will see more and more companies hire British Columbians with developmental disabilities.  Why? Because for a business, striving to be profitable, it will be one of the best investments they could make. 

It is sometimes difficult to measure the impact of our work. Here, it will be simple. This campaign will open doors—and we will count each one of them. It will lead to real jobs and we will count them, too.  Best of all, it will create stories of success—and we will be proud to share them with you.

Your gift today to the Ready, Willing & ABLE Campaign will help a young person like Jordyn McGregor (that’s her in the picture). I greatly appreciate your support of our work, and encourage you to renew your support today.

Jordyn has always loved working with children. That’s why she volunteered at Mother Goose Daycare and Little Tugs Daycare and was employed by the City of Powell River to work as a Day Camp assistant during high school.  Jordyn and her support worker decided to look into education that would increase her qualifications to work in a child care setting.

Jordyn enrolled in an online program at Northern Lights Distance Education that offered the Early Childhood Education Assistant Certificate. With some support, Jordyn passed the required course and applied for her ECEA status.

The local School District was approached with the idea of creating a more diversified  workforce by hiring Jordyn to assist in the primary grades. Jordyn had an interview the next week and was hired for two mornings a week!

This is Jordyn’s second year working at Edgehill Elementary and she is really enjoying it. They are very happy with her performance and the Principal recently offered her an extra day of work. She is also involved in all the Professional Development days and is working towards her 45 hour Professional Development credits needed to keep her certification.

Here’s how Jordyn describes her transition from high school to employment: “I was pretty nervous at first, but over the course of a few weeks, I felt more comfortable. Now I love it! I have become more and more comfortable in my job as I gain confidence in my abilities.” Isn’t that a great success story?

Please join me in creating another 500 stories just like it. Please make a donation to the Ready, Willing & ABLE Campaign. This campaign is all about welcoming, preparing, supporting and cheering for the 500 young British Columbians with a developmental disability who are, this June, graduating from high school—as they take their place in our communities. 

Your gift right now will help to make that possible.


Faith Bodnar, Executive Director