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Watch our 60th Anniversary video that honours and remembers the civil rights history of people with developmental disabilities in BC. Read more about our history here.

BC Election 2017 - Disability Supports

Our Vision

Every British Columbian has the supports needed to live full and meaningful lives with dignity, so that we all truly belong in inclusive and accessible communities.

Why it’s important

Every person in our province has worth, is valued, and has the right to be fully included in our communities. Many adults with developmental disabilities need residential, life skills, employment and other supports to live safe, healthy and productive lives and to participate as full citizens. But too many British Columbians are still being denied this fundamental right. Many young people fall into a “black hole” after they leave school because provincial funding for Community Living BC (CLBC) has fallen behind the need for adult supports. Most adults with developmental disabilities in BC still live with and are primarily supported by their families, who face a lifelong struggle because CLBC programs intended to assist them are under-funded.

What we need

INVESTMENT IN COMMUNITY LIVING BC: Closing the chronic gap in supports to adults with developmental disabilities and the families who support them requires a significant one-time provincial investment. Future CLBC budgets must be linked to the number of adults eligible and rising costs, as support needs change through the lifespan.

IMPROVED REPORTING: In keeping with principles of good governance, transparency, and accountability, Community Living BC should start providing meaningful public reporting on gaps in responding to identified needs, including waitlists, wait times and service dilution.

EXTERNAL REVIEW: An independent, collaborative and transparent review of CLBC to ensure it has the governance, resources and capacity to respond to opportunities and challenges.

Question to candidates

If elected, will you support a one-time investment to resolve CLBC’s service backlog and future funding indexed to the number of eligible adults and inflation?

If elected, will you support a requirement for CLBC to track and publicly report on unmet needs within its mandate?

If elected, will you support an independent, collaborative and transparent review of CLBC’s governance, resources and capacity?



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