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From December 1-3, we're celebrating the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Film festivals will be held in 5 locations across BC. Stay tuned for details!

Our new report shows the continued systemic use of restraint and seclusion in BC schools. Read more.

Watch our 60th Anniversary video that honours and remembers the civil rights history of people with intellectual disabilities in BC. Read more about our history here.

BC Centre for Ability Association

Organization Details

(604) 451 - 5511
(604) 451 - 5651
Year founded: 
Total Membership: 
Organization Region: 
Lower Mainland & Upper Fraser Valley

Services for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschool Children

Community Brain Injury Program for Children:  A provincially-funded rehabilitation program, designed for children and youth with acquired brain injuries.

Early Intervention Therapy Programs:  Offers services to children with developemntal problems or disabilities and their families.

NAS/FAS and Complex Behavior Programs:  Offers family support services to families with children and youths with NAS/FAS and/or complex developmental and behavioral conditions.

Safe Babies Enhancement Program:  Ensures families who are taking children with FASD (or other significant neurological difficulties) into their homes have knowledge and resources to successfully provide daily care for these children with special needs.

Supported Child Development Program:  Assists families requiring child care, pre-school, or out-of-school care for their children aged 0 to 10 years of age.

Vocational Services and Programs

Employment Program for Persons with Disabilities:  Provides a wide range of vocational services to persons with disabilities living in the Lower Mainland.

Employment Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities:  Provides a wide range of vocational services to persons with disabilities.

Greater Vancouver Business Leadership Program:  Looks to bridge the gap between businesses and qualified individuals with disabilities.

Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities:  Assists persons with disabilities to obtain employment or self employment.

SEGWAYE Youth Transition Program: 
Provides pre-employment support to young adults with neurological disabilities between the ages of 18 - 25 to achieve independence and successful engagement in the workplace.



Organization Address: 
2805 Kingsway Vancouver British Columbia Canada V5R 5H9
Board Members: 

President, Delayne Sartison

Staff Members: 

Director of Resource Development, Jason Campbell (jason.campbell@bc-cfa.org)
Executive Director, Angie Kwok (angie.kwok@bc-cfa.org)