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Thursday June 15, 2017- 1:00 – 2:00 PM

Opening, Presidents’ Welcome and Keynote Severn Cullis-Suzuki,”Remember the Future & Defending Diversity”

Thursday June 15, 2017 – 2:30 – 4:00 PM – Breakout Workshops

It’s okay to be vulnerable – you are safe here

Presenters: Karen Lai
Room: Cedarbridge

There are still deeply embedded societal’s influences that view people with disabilities as lesser than, incompetent, dependent on others, or unable to contribute to the community. However, this workshop will demonstrate the positivity of sharing our limitations and vulnerabilities with others to build an inclusive society. This workshop will allow for conversations to happen so that we can shift our perspective and be joyfully playful about the experience of disability.

We’re Doing It! A play about sex…

Presenters: Presented by Community Living Society and Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship
Room: Britannia B

You’ll all be invited to the performances at the Anvil Centre in New Westminster in the Spring of 2019.

Join us at this workshop to find out about this exciting new project exploring what information is needed to achieve successful sexual health education and positive sexuality for youth and adults with intellectual disabilities. An example of moving from research to action, this workshop will answer these questions:

  • Why a play?
  • What does the research tell us about how and where people get their information about sexual health?
  • How can this research inform future learning opportunities?
  • What is participatory theatre and how can it be used with different audiences to inform, engage, break down barriers and shape attitudes and perceptions?
  • How have partners in New Westminster come together to support this project and what are they most excited about?

Advancing New Support Options – Preparing for the Shift

Presenters: Jack Styan
Room: Britannia C

The objective of this presentation is to give service providers an opportunity to hear about our progress thus far and to share our plans for implementation. We will:

  • overview important elements that have emerged through the design process
  • introduce workshop participants to two self-advocates who have achieved the kind of outcomes we hope to support through the delivery of this new service
  • provide details about our implementation plans
  • explain why CLBC is so excited about and committed to the delivery of this service
  • answer questions from service providers who wish to deliver this service in the future

Beyond Anecdotes and Stories: Researching the Relationship between Education and Social Inclusion of Students with Special Needs and Disabilities

Presenters: Jennifer Baumbusch
Room: Minoru A

We hear lots of anecdotes and stories about the state of inclusive education in British Columbia. However, research is also important to help provide evidence for policy and practice. Together with colleagues, Jennifer is working on three studies: (1) a study about the impact of a Moore v. British Columbia (Education) and parents’ experiences of filing Human Rights Complaints on behalf of their children regarding inclusive education; (2) a study that uses administrative data to explore the educational trajectories of students across multiple categories of need; and (3) a study that uses data from the Adolescent Health Survey to examine the well-being of youth with disabilities. During the session, Jennifer will talk about the current policy context (federal and provincial) around inclusive education and how the research studies can provide new information about what is happening for students in BC. She will also invite participants to help identify research priorities for the studies.

Building Friendship: One step at a time on a journey to belonging

Presenters: Marta Carlucci
Room: Minoru B

Persons with disabilities are often isolated and lack the natural friendships that could significantly increase their quality of life leading to a healthier, happier, and more confident self.

In order to build meaningful relationships and increase the social participation for the people we serve there needs to be a focus on finding opportunities in our communities and neighborhoods that bring together people with mutual interests and common goals. This can only happen if people are provided more opportunities to interact with people in their own communities, and in a variety of ways.

In this interactive workshop we will reflect on what it means to have and be a good friend.   Through real life examples we will demonstrate how  identifying  a  person’s unique interests can be the first step to building natural friendships and a more meaningful life.

Self-Determination and Decision Making

Presenters: Chad Bouchard
Room: Minoru C

Self-Determination and Decision Making: How to develop and promote decision making skills in young adults.

The objectives of this workshop are to discuss;

  1. A) How Self-Determination Instruction can increase an individual’s decision making skills and reduce prompting from others
  2. B) Practical strategies on how best to promote and develop Self-Determination in such skills areas as relationship building, decision making, social skills, advocacy and Self-realization
  3. C) How to support individuals to best use Self-Determination skills such as goal setting, problem solving and decision making to enable them to have greater responsibility and control of their lives.
  4. D) How increased Self-Determination leads to an increased quality of life.

This workshop will focus on how to support individuals to acquire and exhibit a number of Self-Determination skills such as decision making, advocacy, relationship building, social skills and Self-Realization. Supporting individuals in learning and demonstrating the decision-making process leads them in developing, revising and achieving their SMART goals and will lead to a higher quality of life. The workshop will highlight Self-Determination instruction and how it can increase an individual’s quality of life and lead to better outcomes in employment, independent living, future education, transportation, among other life domains. This workshop will be highly interactive with multiple video examples of research in progress

Navigating intimacy from puberty to dating to sexual identity, marriage and divorce, a view from the spectrum

Presenter: SF WalkerJennifer Burrowes
Room: Minoru D

Understanding intimacy from the perspective of a married woman with Asperger syndrome.

Intimacy is a part of life. Everyone experiences intimacy from body awareness to sexual activity, the development and presentation of development can differ vastly across not only ASD and other related disorders, as so with the neurotypical population.

There is a contrast between emotional connectivity and physical love and how that affects relationship building and long-term companionship can be similar to relationships where both partners are neurotypical. Dating and marriage require a mutually supportive partnership; what is it like for a person on the spectrum to experience dating, relationships, marriage, sexual identity questions and even divorce? This is an intimate look at love through the lens of ASD. This workshop will be anecdotal, evidence-based and interactive.

Keynote Workshop: Walking & Talking

Presenter: Severn Cullis-Suzuki
Room: Britannia A

There are two ways we can all be involved in helping our environment.  One is by reducing our own personal impact on the earth (like reducing our waste, or energy consumption, etc.)  This is called “walking the talk.”  And another way is by working with others toward greater social change – this is the talking part!  Both are essential, and we can all do these things in ways that are fun and positive.  Join me for a discussion about ways we can all challenge ourselves and each other to make a difference in our community.

Thursday June 15, 2017- 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Day 1 Closing Session

Comments from Krista Carr, Canadian Association for Community Living.

Keepers of the Truth – this plenary speaks through the images and voices of those involved with the closure of Woodlands Institution and the significant milestones that followed including the Memorial Gardens, the Woodlands Class Action and the demolition of the Woodlands Centre Block.  Through the personal insights and reflections of those who lived it, we will bear witness to the legacy of Woodlands, what it signals for the future and that we are once again seeing the reemergence on institutions. It is critical that we find ways to ensure the history is documented, that we affirm our commitment to the right of people with intellectual disabilities to live in the community and that we stand strong when confronted with those who do not know or deny the history of abuse in institutions.

Musical Performance by Peter Bourne

Room: Britannia Ballroom

Thursday June 15, 2017- 5:30 – 7:30 PM

 President’s Reception at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery in Steveston
Shuttle buses available to transport delegates between the Sheraton Hotel and the reception at The Cannery 12138 Fourth Avenue, Richmond, BC  V7E 3J1.



Friday June 16, 2017- 8:30 – 10:00 AM

 Day 2 Opening Keynotes

Simon Duffy –  Love and Citizenship

There are hard challenges ahead and it is vital that we stay true to the values that should shape our work. Simon will argue that the ideas of love and citizenship can be used to build on the positive ideals we’ve inherited, and that they can also offer a fresh perspective for the 21st century.

Alex Magnusson

Room: Britannia Ballroom

Friday June 16, 2017- 10:30 – 12:00 noon

Human Rights, Love and Reconciliation

Presenter: Symbia Barnaby
Room: Britannia C

Symbia Barnaby is from Prince Rupert. Symbia will walk with us as we learn about the impacts of the residential school and 60’s scoop on First Nations families and how this impacts relationships with the community, social services and child protection systems.  As a parent of children with special needs, Symbia will look at what changes are required so that we can hold the space for Aboriginal people until they are ready to claim their place on their terms. This session is central to ensuring our movement and communities respect the rights and experiences of Aboriginal peoples so that together we can build a just and inclusive BC.

Juggling your hats with style. Recognize and embrace your multiple roles as a caregiver.

Presenters: Erika Cedillo-Duarte & Jose Duarte
Room: Britannia B

Through the presentation and activities, we will guide the participants to identify, understand, accept, and embrace the different roles they play in their lives. By focusing on five roles: person, partner, professional, parent and family member, the participants will recognize how they can manage them in their daily lives. We will guide them to recognize their leadership role in their own life, family, and community.

A Dam Goode Friendship; and other tales of relationship

Presenters: Barb Goode, Tina Dam
Room: Britannia A

The work shop will include the story of Tina and Barbs’ friendship; how it started, grew and is lasting.  The stories of other friendships will also be added (in person or Barb and Tina will tell the story).  Lessons in asking and offering help and support will be shared. An exercise to revel that everyone has needs and everyone is vulnerable; and that is ok; this exercise will also include a section that focuses the gift we have and want to share more.  Discussions on ways to offer and ask for support will be facilitated.

Dreaming Big | Thinking beyond programs for the rest of your life

Presenters: Arden Duncan Bonokoski
Room: Minoru A

Since 2001, the BC Initiative for Inclusive Post-Secondary Education has worked with university communities to broaden diversity within the mainstream of academic and student life.  In doing this work we have learned the potential that can be unlocked when we imagine the impossible, engage community in the success of students and design supports that fit the individuals vision.  This interactive session will encourage participants to think big about possibilities and discuss the importance of making support fit your vision for a good life rather than making your vision fit into pre-existing programs that provide supports.

Disability Pride

Presenters: Elizabeth Murphy
Room: Minoru B

This will be an open space on Disability Pride. We will talk with one another about the spectrum of identity and pride. Featuring special guests.

Your Rights Profile 

Presenters: Michael McLellan, Ryan Groth
Room: Minoru C

This workshop is to support Self Advocates to understand their Rights. The goal is to discuss Rights review what rights are as well as the responsibilities that come with these rights. Then to help each person develop a One Page Rights Profile. That will entail what rights are important to them and who and how can people support them.

Using a Person Centered Approach to Adapt and Implement Self-Regulation Strategies

Presenters: Melanie Lytle, Bonita Holman
Room: Minoru D

Using person centered planning, consultants at CBI have adapted and implemented a wide variety of self-regulation strategies, including progressive muscle relaxation, imagery scripts, 3-point scales, and self-monitoring tools. By incorporating information gained through the functional assessment of behavior, CBI has been highly successful in implementing personalized strategies that facilitate self-determination, personal empowerment, improved quality of life and higher levels of inclusion.

Transformational Talks

Room: Steveston C

Friday June 16, 2017- 12:00 – 12:45 PM


Room: Britannia Ballroom & Foyer

Friday June 16, 2017- 12:45 – 2:15 PM

7 Keys to Citizenship

Presenters: Simon Duffy
Room: Minoru A

Working with colleagues with intellectual disabilities, Simon developed a model of citizenship which can be used to aid personal reflection, to guide personal assistance and to rethink organisational norms and structures. This workshop will explore the 7 keys to citizenship and what they might mean for you.

Lovin Work – Lovin Life

Presenters: Eddy Solla, MacKenzie Peterson, Caitlin Baker, Nancy Gauvin
Room: Britannia B

A facilitated panel of self-advocate employees responding to pre-set questions about their work and the opportunities that employment has provided.  Panel members will discuss employment challenges and successes, lessons learned, with focus on how employment has expanded their networks and enriched their lives.  Participants will be given opportunity to ask panel members questions for the last 30 minutes of the session.

Richmond Society for Community Living and the Richmond School District Grade 13 Transitions Project – 

Working Together as a Community: Richmond’s Inclusive Education Committee and Grade 13 Transitions & Employment Projects

Presenters: Richmond Society for Community Living (RSCL), (CLBC), AVIA Employment Services & SD38 Staff
Room: Cedarbridge

This session will focus on two partnerships between the RSCL, SD38, CLBC, AVIA.

The Inclusive Education Committee is made up of parents, self-advocates and staff from both the RSCL and SD38. The primary mandate for this group is to support, and promote, effective and meaningful educational opportunities for all learners in Richmond. Their presentation will focus on historic, ongoing and future initiatives in support of Inclusive Education.

The Grade 13 Transitions Project focusses on providing meaningful employment and improving transitions for students graduating from high school to life, and/or, work beyond the K-12 education. This unique group is supported by RSCL, SD38, CLBC, AVIA Employment Services and post-secondary institutions. Their presentation will focus on both the unique partnerships that have developed and the initiatives that currently underway.


Navigating Employment

Presenters: Anita Sharma, Lauren Nackman
Room: Minoru B

A panel session will present examples of successful transitions to employment—through the eyes of a youth, and a service provider who taught and supported the youth.  If possible we will also hear from an employer.

Attendees will participate in a discussion about transitioning to employment and ask questions of the panel to learn from their experiences and to generate ideas for local employment collaboration.

Belonging – Inspired by Connection

Presenters: Natalie Karam, Brenda Alexander
Room: Minoru C

Presenters will highlight CSCL’s process in developing a social capital agenda for the organization (tying it to individual planning, quality of life indicators and positive behaviour supports).  Will provide information about tools and resources being used; discuss challenges and successes.  Offer inspiring stories of new relationships and connections that are emerging from this social capital focus.   Workshop participants will have opportunity for questions and discussion (about 15 minutes).

The Beloved Community: Love as an Organizing Principle

Presenters: Kim Lyster
Room: Britannia C

We are social beings. We yearn to belong. This workshop will explore the concept of love as a radical organizing principle for promoting belonging and reinvigorating community. By acting from a place of love, which I believe must be part of any political and social change, (including the vision of the community living movement), we engage from a place of ethical agency that moves us towards others, spans differences, and creates intimacy. These are necessary ingredients for cultivating belonging. Without love as an essential part of our gaze, we cannot imagine a world that includes everyone. Participants will be invited to consider both their personal and collective responsibility in using love as an organizing principle.

Communicating So Others Can and Will Listen

Presenters: Terry Flatt, Nicki Allan
Room: Minoru D

With the help of facilitators, those attending will form groups to discuss where and how communication can break down, often leading to frustration, confusion and anger. The groups will write dialogue to a short play or skit showing where the break down occurred then developing strategies on how to repair or avoid it. Writing the dialogue and presenting it allows for the words to “stand still” on the page and for those watching to learn from being told a story.


Friday June 16, 2017- 12:45 – 4:15 PM

Inclusion BC Annual General Meeting 1pm – 2:30pm

Foundation Annual General Meeting 2:30pm-3:30pm

Room: Britannia A

Friday June 16, 2017- 12:45 – 4:15 PM

Bodies of Film Club
Room: Steveston C

The Ringer (2005).

Starring: Johnnie Knoxville, Katherine Heigl, Brian Cox, Edward Barbanell

Steve is loaded with debt and decides to rig the Special Olympics. His plan changes when a few of the athletes discover he is a fake.

Produced by the Farelly Brothers and endorsed by Special Olympics.

Friday June 16, 2017- 2:45 – 4:15 PM

Deaf Inclusion in the Arts – session cancelled

Presenters: Landon Krentz
Room: Britannia B

Deafness is a spectrum. The presentation looks at the Deaf culture where the community is the most isolated from the arts and how to provide resources in order to be more inclusive. To explore different kinds of Deafness and understanding the unique culture from the eyes of a Deaf arts professional The workshop is an open dialogue in regards to participants’ experience, to learn how to create safe spaces and any questions that may come out of the discussion.

Love Stories

Presenters: Shelley Nessman, Rebecca Pauls
Room: Cedarbridge

Shelley and Rebecca will create a safe space for people to tell their stories.  We will talk a bit about the importance of stories in our world and give some suggestions about ways to use stories to advocate, inspire and connect.

“Being Me”

Presenters: Tami Pedersen
Room:Britannia C

Do you feel like you know who you are?  This workshop is about being yourself and loving who you are.  It is about getting to know your true self.  Sometimes we feel like we have to be what others want or expect, but that doesn’t always allow us to be happy.  It’s about being happy with who you are, no matter what anyone else thinks.    You are perfect just as you are no matter what anyone else says.

Join me for an interactive session of fun and getting to know your true self.   We’ll have group conversations, break-out activities, and a chance for some self-exploration.

Richmond School District-Teaching to Diverse Learners

Presenters: TBA
Room: Minoru A

More details coming soon.

Robbie’s Story: Quality of Life, Love, Happiness and Positive Behaviour Support

Presenters: Robbie C, George Cook, Lanette Vawter, Carmina Berin, Brenda Cormack, Sherry Adam
Room: Minoru B

This interactive presentation will introduce Robbie and share his story of how Positive Behaviour Strategies have enhanced his life. Photos and videos, along with testimony from Robbie, his family and team will be used to share his story. In addition, participants will hear from Delta Community Living Society and CBI Consultants about the effectiveness of agency training and PBS partnership.  Successes for Robbie and his team, including reductions in challenging behaviours and increases in quality of life will also be shared. Additionally, Robbie’s PBS plan will be reviewed and a discussion facilitated about how it was developed and implemented. The team will also share how they have used PBS strategies to support other individuals in Robbie’s home to experience similar outcomes. The presentation will conclude with a question and answer session for participants to take away strategies to implement in their own personal and professional lives.

Working Through Grief and Loss: We can support each other through the loss and grief of loved ones

Presenters: Jule Hopkins, Tracy-Jo Russell
Room: Minoru C

Join us in discussion about how you can support yourself and others in dealing with the end of life, and death of people you care about in your life. Learn how important relationships and support networks are in the process of dealing with your own and others grief. Participants will also have the chance to think about what would be important for them when thinking about their own end of life and how they would like to be remembered.

Friday June 16, 2017- 4:15 – 5:00 PM

Day 2 Closing Keynote Candy Palmater

Room: Britannia Ballroom

Friday June 16, 2017- 6:30 – 11:00 PM

Dinner and Dance Party

Room: Britannia Ballroom

Join us for a great meal and dance party with Queer as Funk! Queer as Funk is renowned for its tight rhythm section, hot horns, and killer vocals, bringing together the city’s best musicians in an explosive, high-energy dance band. There’s nothing this tight-knit band loves more than performing together, and that love is palpable to audiences everywhere.

Saturday June 17, 2017- 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Opening Keynote Jesse Wente

Room: Britannia Ballroom

Saturday June 17, 2017- 10:30 – 12:00 noon

Rethink. Reuse: Brought to you by Clothes Drop

Presenter: Vee Pho, Bianca Bellantoni
Room: Cedarbridge

Learn about the growing reuse economy and the rise of sustainable fashion from the experts who reuse and recycle every day. Join us as we explore the positive impact our previously loved clothing can have on individuals, our communities, and the environment.

Love at Second Sight

Presenters: David Roche & Marlena Blavin
Room: Britannia B

We will present our film Love at Second Sight, do a brief Q&A, then facilitate a storytelling session.

For sale at Registration: Love At Second Sight is an educational video that transforms attitudes about appearance and encourages students to accept themselves and others. It’s about difference and belonging, judgment and inclusion.

One Click Away-

Presenters: Bryce Schaufelberger
Room: Britannia C

This interactive workshop will include an overview of which is a long standing website that is one of a kind because it is created by self-advocates for self-advocates. Attendees will be reflecting and sharing with one another on their social media experiences and what the value of virtual connection can have.

Planning for A Good Life, now and in the future

Presenters: Ted Kuntz, Laurie Geschke
Room: Minoru A

All families want to ensure their loved one’s lead a good and inclusive life, and that their needs are met now and in the future. How can we empower families to make this a reality?

This presentation will outline some of the key considerations for families when creating a Future Plan, including topics such as: Wills, Trusts & Estates, Supported Decision-Making, Succession Planning, The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP).

Participants will be invited to ask questions and share a bit about their own understanding of future planning. They will also be provided with our succession planning workbook to begin their future planning journey.

Celebrating Capabilities

Presenters: Elizabeth Sparling
Room: Minoru B

This workshop is based on my doctoral work which examines the needed shift from a deficit/medical model of supporting individuals with diverse abilities that is prevalent in many provincial institutions such as the school system, towards a capabilities approach that recognizes the individual and seeks to develop skills that lead to a flourishing human being. The period of transition planning between the school system and adult services provides the window for change that could potentially lead to improved quality of life for the more than 4000 individuals with diverse abilities that are participating in the transition process each year.

Making Research Relevant

Presenters: Dr. Rachelle Hole, Tim Stainton  Simon Duffy
Room: Minoru C

Join the Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship as we present key findings from current research projects and initiatives. The session will include a Q & A about how research can be used to inform practice and policy and participants will be invited to identify research priorities as we discuss available research funding and opportunities for community partnerships. We will be joined by our special guest and partner Simon Duffy who will describe an exciting new international cooperative – Citizen Network – and encourage exploration of how this can be used to advance inclusion for all in BC and beyond.

Power To Be: Everyone belongs in nature

Presenters: Alli Hallett
Room: Minoru D

Using both discussion and activities participants will experience a Power To Be program “remotely”. We will outline our organization, our roots, values and approach to programming. Participants/attendees will get to try out some of our nature based learning to get a taste of some of the activities we do that have a nature therapy focus. All of our programs are adapted to meet the needs and goals of each individual, which is determined after a one-on-one intake meeting is completed.

Keynote Workshop-The Power of Stories: Storytelling and Reconciliation

Presenters: Jesse Wente
Room: Britannia A

This workshop will look at the role stories play in the relationship between Indigenous people and Canada.

Saturday June 17, 2017- 12:00 – 1:00 PM


Room: Britannia Ballroom & Foyer

Saturday June 17, 2017- 1:00 – 2:30 PM

Let’s talk about sexuality

Presenters: Hayley NimmoDaniel Allen
Room: Britannia B

As a parent of a child with a disability this is dreaded while at the same time recognized as an important part of parenting and of your child’s life. This workshop provides an opportunity for parents, in a supportive setting, to explore some of their fears and anxieties and curiosities in a safe environment. Begin the courageous conversation around ensuring that individuals are safe from sexual exploitation while having the support and information needed to embrace that part of who they are and how they interact in relationship with others.

Every Body Dances

Presenters: Tiffany Tjosvold
Room: Cedarbridge

This workshop aims to provide participants with a hands-on opportunity to explore inclusive dance and physical theatre. Participants will be lead through a series of dance and physical theatre exercises. The selection of these activities will be informed by the interests of participants so that all involved are a part of guiding the direction the art being made. The workshop will build towards an informal final dance piece created by the group. It will close out with short debrief.

Growing Courage – trying new things & meeting new people

Presenters: Janey Roh, Lisa Joy Trick
Room: Britannia C

Participants experience a live Kudoz #openexperience in the conference and have the opportunity to try reflection (pop up reflection cafe) and some coaching strategies.

A Blueprint for My Successful Life with Autism

Presenters: Corey Walker
Room: Minoru A

I will talk about my journey in life, from my early childhood through my school and university years and now as a successfully employed adult. I will talk about my diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome in 2001 as an adult, and what I have learned from that and how it has changed my life for the better. I will share specific examples of strategies I have used to overcome challenges, and will also invite the audience to participate by sharing some of their stories of success and what they have done to achieve it. I want this to be a positive and motivational presentation and discussion that shows everybody there is hope for a successful life, even when you have a disability. I may use PowerPoint for some of my talk, but some of it will be just sharing my story and engaging the audience. I will use some humour to lighten up the mood in the room as well.

Evolving Day Services

Presenters: Angela Faulder, Rocio Cabrera
Room: Minoru B

Rocio Cabrera and Angela Faulder, 2 Managers from Milieu Family Services, will be presenting “Evolving Day Services”.  They will be speaking about transforming traditional day services to be more flexible and tailored to each person served by identifying support strategies for moving traditional Community Inclusion Supports to Employment based, Community Outreach supports.

In addition to lectures and discussions, participants will hear a Self Advocate’s testimony regarding how evolved services have impacted their life.

Altogether, participants will leave with a better understanding of the following:

1)            The importance of transforming day services and the need to evolve

2)            An in depth look into how to deliver flexible supports that lead to a transformation of services

Including All Citizens Project: Creating Fully-Inclusive Post-Secondary Experiences

Presenters: Fiona Whittington-Walsh and Teresa Morishita
Room: Minoru C

The Including All Citizens Project following five (5) students with intellectual/developmental disabilities as they pursue their Faculty of Arts Certificate Degree at KPU. This discussion will include a presentation by several students who were enrolled in a second year Sociology of Media course. The students will be discussing their work and their experiences in the fully inclusive courses including their analysis of disability representation in films.

Disability, Sex, Surrogacy, and Community

Presenters: Dave Symington
Room: Minoru D

This workshop will explore the personal stories of individuals with disabilities and how sexuality and sex has affected them. We will also explore the History of sexuality and disability in terms of social integration, attitudes, policies, programs, laws and legislation. The main purpose of this workshop is to engage in conversation about issues that affect people deeply, and broaden our understanding as well as challenge our own personal beliefs and attitudes regarding sex and disability. Radical inclusion will also be discussed and will be an undercurrent throughout the conversation. We will use various segments of videos and other materials to support the conversation.

Identities – Session cancelled

Presenters: John Woods, Daniel Allen
Room: Britannia A

The last few years have been a time of rapid change – same sex marriage is legal, and transgender people are becoming more visible and making their voices heard. More awareness and less stigma has made it possible for people with an LGBTQ identity to see themselves represented in the media, to understand what they’re experiencing, to realize they are not alone, and to find community. People of all ethnicities, ages and backgrounds have come out as LGBTQ. So it should surprise no-one that people with developmental disabilities can sometimes also be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning. And it should surprise no-one that this can sometimes be complicated. Join us for an award-winning documentary film OUR COMPASS followed by a panel of members of the LGBTQ community who have developmental disabilities who will share their stories and answer questions.

Transformational Talks

Room: Steveston C

  • Peace Begins with Me – Ted Kuntz
  • Social Innovation in the Family-led Disability Movement – Tim Ames