Inclusive Employment Day

Making Inclusive Employment Work

A full day dedicated to advancing inclusive employment and career success for people with intellectual disabilities and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • When: June 14, 2017 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Where: Sheraton Airport Hotel, 7551 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC.
  • Who: Employment Service Providers (Community Living & Work BC), Employers, Families and Inclusive Job Seekers.

These two half-day sessions will explore successful strategies and ways to improve teamwork to support inclusive employment. Participants from across the province will learn and share based on their unique experiences, areas of interest and expertise, within three broad themes: Supporting Employers, Family/Staff Support Team, and Empowering Job Seekers.

Ready, Willing & Able BC, will be hosting Employment Services’ staff from across the province (Community Living, Work BC & Autism-specific) to:

  • gain insight from both National and Local Employers on their diversity and inclusion practices;
  • foster deeper understanding to prepare job seekers for pending employment opportunities;
  • connect with “The Compass”, “RWA Works” and other existing resources to support inclusive hiring across the province.

This event will host over 200 employment service staff, employers, families and self-advocates.




Agency to Agency Collaboration: working together to get people working

Participants in the afternoon sessions will have the opportunity to enhance collaboration with other organizations to maximize inclusive employment with key stakeholders from across the province. Participants will:

  • Hone their approach by sharing and learning from each other,
  • Identify gaps and barriers and explore ways to address them.


Employer Perspectives and Networking

The afternoon sessions will provide a unique opportunity for employers to network directly with the sector while learning from people with disabilities and community living agency HR professionals on the importance of universal design and ensuring full accessibility within HR practices, including but not limited to: the creation of job descriptions, interviews and on-boarding, and workplace communications. These sessions will be dedicated to presentations from key RWA-BC employers along with a “call to action” as it relates to upcoming Ready, Willing & Able employment opportunities.