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Watch our 60th Anniversary video that honours and remembers the civil rights history of people with developmental disabilities in BC. Read more about our history here.

A year long celebration including marches, parties, workshops, grants and film making. Join the conversation at disabilitypride.ca


Missed the Festival? View a selection of the films on the NFB Playlist!

Inclusive Education Guiding Principles

  • The public school system is the foundation for inclusive education.
  • All students have the right to receive a public education in the regular classroom.
  • Inclusive education at all levels benefits students with special needs and their peers.
  • Each student is unique and needs an individualized approach to education to meet his or her intellectual, physical, social, and emotional and career development goals.
  • Parents are valuable contributing partners in the education system and their involvement enhances the effectiveness and accountability of the school system.
  • Parents have a responsibility to be involved in their child’s education and schools have the responsibility to encourage parental involvement.
  • Students’ participation in all aspects of school life is vital to a rich education experience.
  • Transitions are more successful for students when formalized student-centered planning occurs.